Via stakeholder interviews and process guidance, assisted in the creation of business requirements specifications for a Seattle-based heavy industry to convert their manual processes for sourcing, assigning, optimizing, and utilizing 700+ unionized human resources into a database (and data) driven solution. 

For a twenty-one-year-old non-profit - Guided client IT teams to formalize their software development documentation procedures and project management skills  Allowing them to begin turning around a major information technology project that had gone over time, and budget. 

For a Seattle-based online retailer - established content marketing strategies & campaigns to increase lead generation.  Within 30 days of data-driven test & measure tactics, the client had received over 100 new leads.

For a heavy industry fabrication firm: Established data-driven metrics and online reporting tools to measure the effectiveness of corporate values penetration to the "factory floor.


For a heavy industry shipyard:  In collaboration with the in-house project management team, defined and reorganized the enterprise architecture, role responsibilities and collaboration technologies of a multi-million-dollar ($XXm) ship repair/remodel project that produced measurable operational increases in billable hours (revenue recovery), increases in first-pass quality approvals (cost savings), and dramatic improvements in safety outcomes (human and cost savings). 


For a major market media organization (television, digital and digital-only): Through internal interviews, RACI Assessment, gap analysis, and business planning processes.  Led the establishment of an Innovation Lab to increase employee involvement in Change Management, create external partnerships, and add new product development capabilities to renovate a largely institutionalized corporate culture and product set.


For a major market non-profit television station: Collaborated with executives and staff to form a comprehensive multi-year strategy, goals, objectives, and initiatives to change their legacy driven revenue models and enterprise architectures to double revenues and increase innovation.


For both non-profit and for-profit organizations in the US, and Australia: Represented as a company ambassador at several national conferences, as well as authoring white papers and internal positioning initiatives to impart new technologies and strategies from Board to staff levels.


For numerous established and startup companies: Worked closely with representatives of major universities to establish a regular program of independent study courses to research aspects of the change-in-business as well as create a "feeder systems" for the hiring of graduates.


For a major Midwest media conglomerate: Conceived, modeled and launched a national digital advertising network which harnessed existing relationships with national ad networks. Creating additional incremental revenue from 210+ partner's ad inventory nationwide.


For a major market newspaper: Established a ten person interdepartmental Big Data Science Team to aggregate and analyze data to understand our communities (audience & staff), create revenue opportunities to improve business decision making that created seven (7) figure revenue gains.


For a national media corporation: Via the creation of data-driven decision-making tools, processes, business due diligence, and inclusive strategy development we successfully reorganized a division’s three business units to better reflect individual stakeholder needs and increase profitability.


For a leading nationwide media company: Led cross-functional content, technology and customer service teams of 45 staff nationwide (virtual, direct report and matrix) to stabilize and turn around a satellite office via hands-on servant leadership of staff, P&L and national operations.



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