About Pat Scanlon

About Pat Scanlon

Bringing a wealth of senior executive expertise to businesses needing Change, Innovation, or Thought Leadership to become more digitally-enabled

Pat specializes in helping mid-sized businesses and their leaders in situations where he applies his 40 years of digital and leadership process improvement and team building expertise to get results.  Amassing a wide skill set via work in companies ranging from $1B+ non-profits & national media companies to worldwide AdTech pioneers and heavy equipment manufacturers to gain results that positively impact their businesses. 

During his career, Pat has served as a VP/GM for a division of USA Today Sports and also developed early Internet strategies for international divisions of Kraft & Ford for J. Walter Thompson Advertising (MEL), and also served as a Board Member focusing on digital organizational restructuring for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as well as a Chief Technology Officer and Senior Executive for Australia’s first dot-com where he directed software development & product teams.

As an independent consultant, Pat now performs engagements where he has helped a number of AdTech, manufacturing, and non-profit companies nationwide.  His recent projects have included responsibility for the development of new technologies and business strategies for a major Seattle media company, providing litigation support for the monetizing of intellectual property (patent) assets of a major digital advertising technology company (now in receivership), and developing technology, data, and digital marketing implementations for a number of mid-sized businesses.

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