Business Analysis & Change Management

Business Analysis & Change Management

Service Scenarios

Service Scenarios

Let's face it.  Change, innovation, and corporate problem solving take time.  The time that is taken away from the most important thing in your business...  Your ability to run your business.  Below are just a few of the ways that we can help you achieve your change management, leadership, thought leadership, and innovation goals. 


How do we know we can help you?  Because we've been in your shoes.  We've been where you are now.  Let our experience become your competitive advantage.

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Business scenarios where we can help


Business model disruption

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

New technologies and changing consumer habits are just two factors in the transformations that can cause disruption in your business model.  A key to success is assessing where your business is on the change curve. All businesses must deal with markets that increasingly expect them to be brand-savvy and provide solutions and relationships with their employees and customers.

However, many companies have either resisted these imperatives or have dealt with them on a piecemeal implementation basis. The result is often a patchwork of “change islands” existing amid traditional processes, legacy systems, and corporate institutional cultures. True transformation requires a holistic approach to comprehensively understanding your unique situation and challenges to create an actionable and measurable forward-looking implementation process and team dynamics.

Services: business and digital transformation strategy, legacy/institutional organization change management processes, data-driven metrics & analysis

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Enterprise Architecture — team structures for challenging times

“Change is done best – when they think it was their idea.”- PJS

The objective of business transformation is to assess the team or organization’s existing state of health and then to plan, communicate, and implement improvements and/or whole new approaches to optimize results.

Because their priority is to focus on the core business. Most businesses and their internal management teams are not able to bring together the time, focus and skill set to assess and implement effective transformation. Effective change requires focus, as well as a comprehensive understanding and deep experience within leadership, business, and communications.

Services: business process reengineering, enterprise architecture, leadership coaching, digital collaboration technologies, change management processes  

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“True individuals are unique. Unique is uncommon. Uncommon can be threatening to common minds but uncommon, unique individuals are the only kind of people that can change the world.” - PJS

Each organization and the teams inside it are unique, and so the scope of transformation will be different for each company’s specific needs.  Even as all people share a critical dependence on similar organic functions such as circulatory and nervous systems but every individual is unique – so it is with businesses and their underlying systems and team dynamics.  

Workforce expectations today, and in the future, are changing.  Success is truly tied to clarity, competency, and the shifting dynamics of decision authority and information flows. 

Services: business process reengineering, enterprise architecture, leadership coaching, digital collaboration technologies, change-management processes, interim management 

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Innovation Catalystization

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” – Pablo Picasso

Effective change and revenue innovation require the ability to transcend existing internal mindsets, organizational divisions, and sub-optimal thinking to see beyond perceived limitations and what constitutes a “product” vs an asset from which that your company can earn revenue.

Identifying assets that have revenue potential and bringing them to commercialization requires bringing several product development skills together.  Often both internal and external.

Services: product development, commercialization, innovation advancement, technology & software development, data-driven analysis

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Interim Leadership

“Strategy without tactics is the long road to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before the defeat.”- Sun Tzu

By bringing in senior, experienced, change-centric partners your organization gains a fresh and unbiased perspective on the existing state of your business & team dynamics health.  A detailed prescription for needed changes, and an actionable implementation plan to get you there.

No matter if it's to fill a transitional period while you find the right candidate for a key role or longer-term engagement to fill a role that requires senior talent at a more affordable rate.  An experienced transformation partner, with a proven record of change management success, that can work with you to take your organization through the entire process from assessment to implementation to meaningful and measurable business results.

Services: business & digital business strategy, thought leadership, leadership coaching

How we’ve helped others with this already 

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